With an online presence in 21 countries, and over 3.1 million listings published,
Clasificados.com aims to effectively connect users and sellers from all over Latin America.

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We want to change the concept of a classified listing, and become the best option for users to offer and find whatever they need.

CLASIFICADOS.COM is a web platform that aims to connect users and sellers in Latin America through classified ads. Our site has presence in 21 countries in Latin American, as well as in Spain, Portugal and United States. With over 3 million listings published in our Spanish and Portuguese-speaking portals and millions of visitors each month, we are the best option to find and sell what you need.

Clasificados.com is owned and operated by Classifieds Corporation, a Miami-based private company whose mission is to facilitate a marketplace that generates effective leads and genuinely supports transactions of products and/or services.

Key Facts

  • The site has presence in 21 countries that include the Latin America region, the United States (for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking audiences), Spain, and Portugal.
  • The Brazilian and Portugal version of the site has its own independent domain: classificados.com.
  • To this date, we have published over 3.1 million classifieds ads across all 21 countries.

Classifieds Corporation

Classifieds Corporation is a private Company that offers classified advertising solutions for both individual users and companies. Originally founded in 2014 by a group of serial Internet entrepreneurs, the company owns and manages classified advertising websites across the Latin American region.

The products offered by Classifieds Corporation deliver the best possible results, thanks to a focus on content quality and oversight. Content quality, relevance and the overall user experience generates optimized traffic, and delivers not only users, but leads.